Visa Application Australia

If you are not an Australian Citizen and wish to visit Australia on a longer term or even live there, having a visa is mandatory. Obtaining a Visa for travel to Australia is a crucial and time consuming process. You can apply online; submit an application in person at your nearest embassy or through a migration agent.

Before applying, making right visa choice is important. We can help you make this decision, by submitting your Visa Eligibility Assessment. Provide us with, as much detail as possible, so we can assess which visa type suits you. Once we have all your information we will contact you and assist you in commencing the process.

The visa processing time varies for different visas, but generally depends on:

  • Type of visa you are applying for
  • Country where the application is lodged in and
  • The quality of your application.

In other words if there are missing documents or insufficient information provided during the application process, this may impact the process and outcome of your application. In our experience, people choosing migration agents as service providers are saving more time and ensuring that their applications are prepared in a professional manner.

Click on the link to find more information about general visa requirements. Here are the most common visa requirements:

  • Must be under 50 years of age when applying
  • Sufficient English knowledge
  • Skilled occupation – having any kind of skill
  • Skill Assessment – Your skills have to be assessed by the Australian Accessing Authority
  • Health Assessment – Your health should be reasonably good
  • Character Assessment – You should be of a good character

Once you get an Australian visa, the visa permits the holder to travel to, re-enter and remain in Australia until valid. Permanent visa allows you can remain in Australia indefinitely, but if you have a temporary visa you can remain in Australia for the specified period. The period depends on your visa class.

Visa Fees varies from one to another. Check visa fees & charges here.

If your visa application is successful, you will be notified by Australian Immigration Department through post, phone call or email and the next step isto go to the nearest embassy and get your visa attached on your passport if you are outside Australia.