457 Long Stay Work Visa

The 457 Long Stay Work Visa is a temporary employment visa that allows skilled employees to stay in Australia for up to 4 years while working for a sponsor employer.

To be eligible to apply for this visa you must:

  • be nominated by an approved sponsor employer to fill a skilled position
  • have the qualifications, experience and employment background that matches the requirements for the position
  • show proficiency in English Language.
  • be eligible for any relevant licenses or registration required for the nominated position

Holders of this visa are allowed to:

  • work in Australia for up to 4 years
  • bring their families with them
  • travel in and out of Australia any number of times within that period

The 457 Long Stay Work Visa is a sponsored visa, so you must have an employer that has obtained a Sponsorship agreement with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

To become a 457 Sponsor Business you have to meet the training requirements and accept the obligations of the 457 Sponsor Program.

While an employee is a holder of the 457 Long Stay Work Visa, they must work only for the sponsoring employee, or the visa will be revoked. The employer can only be changed if other eligible business is willing to sponsor you for the same 457 Long Stay Work Visa.